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О нас.Агенство недвижимости Амалтин

 Real Estate Agency Amaltin - your reliable assistant in matters of investing, selling or renting apartments in Pattaya.

Do you dream of your apartment in the seaside resort? Want to spend your vacation in Pattaya? Make a step to the dream with us.

What do we offer? How we are working?

We offer our clients apartments for profitable investments both in new apartments and in apartments in the secondary market.

Buying or renting residential and commercial real estate does not require any special actions, because you turned to professionals.

For your convenience, we have created a convenient search on our website, and you can easily find a suitable option.

You can easily find various offers for investment and rent. Even if something confuses you or do you have special requirements?

Our experience will help you to easily cope with difficulties and find an exclusive option. For all the time of our activity, our company has earned a reputation as a reliable partner.

For you, we provide guaranteed and convenient residential real estate options.

Our management company

We have an impressive selection of apartments for rent from our management company.

Our management company has an impressive range of real estate of various categories - from budget studios to comfortable multi-room apartments. Cooperation with reliable partners expands the range of profitable real estate offers.

Analyzing the accumulated experience and modern requirements of the market, we constantly improve the quality of our work. In 2019, we will launch a new booking site, now it will be even easier for you to understand the variety of offers.

New marketing development for each seller will help you quickly realize your object. Your trust is our priority.

A distinctive feature of our agency is honesty and decency, as well as legal literacy and transparency of transactions.

Real estate transactions are connected with misunderstanding and danger, and this time you will need our help.

With us you will receive full support for the sale, which will save you the most valuable - your time.

We will help you choose the option that suits you. Join us!

Make a step to the dream

Make your dreams come true

take a step to the dream with us1

Professional services

A reliable contract

take a step to the dream with us3

Property consulting

Recommendations of friends and acquaintances
Individual approach.
Safety and reliability.
Openness and transparency of transactions.

Apartments for rent and sale

With 1 bedroom
With 2 Bedroom
For Sale

Are you ready to cooperate?

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Office, work weeks, participation in presentations of new projects

О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin-офис 3.
О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin-офис 1.
О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin-офис 2.
Project opening LeSoleil condo
О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin 6.
New projects The Cloud Pattaya
Marina Golden Bay 1
О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin.Новые строительные проекты 1.
Project opening The Cloud Pattaya
О нас - Агентство недвижимости Amaltin-офис
Project Le,Soleil condo Pattaya
Marina Golden Bay
Marina Golden Bay 2
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